What to know before you get a tungsten ring
13.08.2015 13:14

You probably know by now of the many different choices you have when it comes to buying a wedding ring. There is gold, silver, white gold and of course tungsten wedding bands. If you are one of those who are in the market to buy a tungsten wedding band there are a few things you should know before you buy one. As it is always best to have the knowledge beforehand.


With tungsten wedding bands will be pleased to know that this is a far more cost-effective option than any other wedding band out there that is designed to last. You won’t have to worry about it changing colour as tungsten wedding bands stay true to their colour for what seems like aeons. Any design you have on such rings will be there years later, long after you are married, unlike other cheaper metals that may lose their shape over time.

These rings epitomise the word durability. They can go through some rough, harsh treatment and still years later are without a scratch. For professionals who rely on their hands or are in the construction industry tungsten wedding bands are a great option thanks to their scratch resistance and extreme hardness. Their durability means that you will have it for years and it will never scratch, bend or lose its shape.

Drawbacks or myths

If you chose tungsten wedding bands you can rest assured that you will only have to shine and polish it once. You won’t have to be bothered to go back to a jeweller to have it restored to its former glory more about us because with this metal its glory never wanes. Thanks to its scratch resistance you can choose a shiny design for your wedding band and decades later still have a ring that looks just as brilliant as the day you put it on the fingers of your special someone.

There are some myths and drawbacks with these rings. The major one being that these rings cannot be resized. So if you gain weight then there is nothing that can be done with the ring. So it is advisable that when you purchase a tungsten wedding band you don’t get one that fits snugly, but rather get one that is slightly larger.

Some are of the belief that the ring is so hard that it is near impossible to cut off. Yes, tungsten wedding bands are made of some stern stuff but, they are not impossible to cut off. Both your jeweller and emergency room doctor will have the tools needed to remove it in case of injury. One upside of having such a hard ring is that in case of an emergency it can save your fingers from serious blows.

The myth that the ring can be harmful to your health is another that is swirling around tungsten wedding bands. In their powdered forms both tungsten and cobalt can be carcinogenic, but only in their powdered form. Once it has been turned to metal there are as inert as any other ring and pose no risk to your health.

All in all tungsten wedding bands are a great option to symbolise your love. It is strong, durable, and cheaper than other options of the same calibre. You will not lose with this ring as it will keep its value long after you buy it.



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